DST Centre of Excellence in Climate Modeling is a major new initiative taken by IIT Delhi and funded by DST, GoI, to develop an India centric climate model to address certain pressing issues of climate change in India, and to educate manpower in numerical modeling of the Earth system and climate.


The country needs reliable climate projections for more informed future planning and policy making against the backdrop of global warming and climate change. This is deliverable only when we have a reliable climate model - one that is successful in capturing the present-day climate of India. If we do not have a model that captures the present-day climate it is difficult to have confidence in its future projections. However, all the available models show unacceptably large biases, especially for rainfall over India, even though they are doing reasonably good over other regions and at global scale. Although the climate modeling community in the country has made good progress in the last two decades, the need of the hour is to accelerate this process and work towards building a model for India that can be used for regional climate projections.


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